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Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is mainly taking up a new loan to pay off a number of consumer debts and liabilities, generally ones which are unsecured. Multiple debts if combined to one, usually entails the borrower getting a more favorable payoff terms. This is because the interest rate and the monthly repayment is lower. Consumers can use debt consolidation as a way to deal with personal loans and credit card debts.

Licensed Money Lender

Based on a money lending’s perspective, debt consolidation is for borrowers who have multiple debts with different money lenders. Our motto is “Easy to Apply, Fast to Approve and Quick to Disburse”.

Service Features

  • Our loan allows borrowers to restructure their debt from different sources into ONE single borrowing with us
  • We offer flexibility to the borrowers depending on your affordability and repayment ability
  • We can help borrowers extend the repayment period and reduce the monthly commitment
  • We DO NOT require any upfront processing fees for the loan
Business owners
  • Business owners needs to provide their SSM registration and 3-6 months of bank statements as a proof of a steady income
  • You need to call us to be assessed separately if your business is on cash basis or has not been registered with SSM
Salaried Employee
  • You need to provide us with 3-6 months’ payslips and 3-6 months’ bank statements
  • Do call us if you do not have specific qualification such you are paid on a cash basis or if you have insufficient documents.


Do not hesitate to call us if you are in desperate need of cash. Debt consolidation is a perfect way to gain control over your finances and can reduce your monthly payments.

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